Ellie Mae


Joker- Blue Merle Male. He is absolutely gorgeous. He has a lot of white along with very light gray which contrasts to his beautfiul black patches. He also has two beautiful blue eyes and a lot of copper accents. Not to memtion he is the most outgoing and adventurous one of bunch. But he also minds very well and already comes when he is called. You absolutely will not find another pup with this kind of quality and personality.

$900   No pet price on this Puppy 

SOLD... Thanks to Neva and Zach Waldt

 Batman- Black Tri Male with a lot of white in his face, two black eyes, and a partial collar  with copper accents. He is growing into a very handsome young man. It seems like every time I look at him I catch him posing .

$650          $550 pet price

 Catwoman- Black Tri Female with a big white star in her face. Two black eyes and a small amount of copper around her face and legs. She is definitely the sweetheart of the group. She loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch with me. We are almost positive her eyes will turn black but right now they are a really dark blue.

 $600      $500 pet price

Mr. Freeze- Black Tri Male with a lot of white in his face and a partial collar, he also has a ton of copper coloring. He is starting to grow quite a hair and will be one of those real fluffy Aussies. But his sweet, timid personality makes him absolutely adorable. When it comes to Black Tri's he is almost perfect.  

$700   $600 pet price

Sold Thanks to Scotty McCoy..

Bianca- "named from the Rescuers" This little Black Tri Female will definitely be more of a toy size (under 14 inches tall) she has a lot of white in her face, two black eyes, and a partial collar with copper accents.

$600  $500 pet price


Poison Ivy- Blue Merle Female. She is more of a darker gray with minimal black spots and a white star in her face. She also has two blue eyes.

$850   No pet price 

SOLD!! Thanks to Heather Myklebust

 Electra- Blue Merle Female. She is the opposite of her sister Ivy she is mostly Black with a few light gray spots and a lot of white in her face. She is very unique looking  and is definitely a show stopper.

Sold.. Thanks to  Casey Raitz.