All of our Puppies have found great homes. But keep checking for new litters. Thank You

Reba gave birth to 7 beautiful big healthy puppies on June 8.

This puppies will more than likely end up being larger minis around 16-19 inches tall. Ready to go Aug. 3

Be careful.. My camera made some of their eyes look blue when they really aren't... So be sure and read their description.


Typically my Black Tri/ Bi Males range from ($400-$700)

Black Tri/Bi Females range from ($500-$800)

But since I have the BET (Blue eyed Tri gene) in both my male and feamle it is very possible I will have BET in this litter which will then significantly raise their price to ($900-$1500).

Blue Merle Males range from ($600-$900)

Blue Merle Females range from ($700-$1000)

I will take $100 of a puppy that is going to be a pet only, but that also means that the new owner will not recieve the registration papers.

All of these puppies have recieved their first and second shots with wormer and have had their dewclaws removed.

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are. My prices are slightly  negotiable if the home is right.



Blue Merle Female 

This little girl is a looker!! She has a lot of Copper and has a face just like her Daddy did when he was a pup! She has two blue eyes and is the sassyiest pup of the litter.. She starts most of the lil play fights and will bark at me if I dont play with her. This lil missy is so full of herself but there is no doubt that you will always have fun with her.   

SOLD Thanks to Brad!! Her new name is Ava!!

$800 / $700 (without papers)


Red Tri Female with Partial Collar and lots of Copper, 2 Hazel Eyes. (NOT BLUE

She is a pretty shy loving girl and will be one of the smaller pups of the litter (14-16 inches full grown). Now that she is a bit older she has become a very loyal little girl.

 SOLD $525 / $425 (without papers)



Black Tri Male with lots of white in his face,White Socks on all four feet, Partial Collar and lots of Copper, 2 BLUE EYES!!! 

He  is a very playful pup and has amazing conformation. He is the smallest pup of the litter and will probably be a toy size.  If you are looking to breed these dogs this is your guys. He will definitely produce Blue Eyed Tri  Puppies!! 

SOLD $1100 / $800 (without papers)



Black Tri Male with Partial Collar, four white socks, and lots of Copper, 

1 BLUE EYE one Black eye 

He is a very playful and mischevious pup. He definitely would be the pup that I expect to wanna work cattle just like his grandmother Ellie does.  He will be the largest pup of the litter I expect him to grow larger than a mini should (around 19 inches tall around 30 lbs). Therefore he is pet quality only and I cannot sell him with papers.

SOLD $500 pet quality only



Red Tri Male   He will be a darker red (Liver color) and lots of Copper, 2 Hazel Eyes. (NOT BLUE

He is by far the sweetest pup out of the litter. He loves for me to pick him up and cuddle on the couch. He falls right alseep.  


$500 / $375 (without papers)



Black Tri Male with Partial Collar and lots of Copper, 2 Hazel Eyes. (NOT BLUE) 

He is a universal pup. Sometimes he is very high energy and other times he is very shy. But he is always loyal and is the first one that come when they hear my voice.


 $500 / $375 (without papers)



Red Tri Male with A lot of white in his face, 4 white socks, and lots of Copper, 1 BLUE EYE 

He is a very stocky pup. He is going to be a beautiful boy. He will definitely produce Blue Eyed Tris especially the rare red ones like himself. He is more of a loving and loyal pup than he is a playful high energy Aussie. If I had a female that wasn't related to him I would keep him myself!! He is the pick of the litter.

 $1100 / $900 (without papers)

SOLD to Jeff and Marcy Thiesen!!