All of these little ones have found their forever HOMES!!

I do not have any more litters available at this time. 

This year Ellie had 6 beautiful Black Tri puppies! Half of them have one blue eye!!

Each on of her puppies vary in size from Toy Aussies (under 13 in / 15-20 lbs) to Minnie Aussies (13-17 in / 20-30 lbs) 

{above I have them lined up smallest to largest} {Midge,Boots,Halfsy,Dolly,Bud,Dude}


Ellie is my original Minnie Aussie and she means the world to me! She has been with me through my senior year of highschool and now all the way through college. She normally has an even distribution of black tris and blue merles, but this litter she ended up having all Black Tris.  But even though she didn't have any merles she did have some wildly marked pups and 3 BLUE EYED TRIS!! 


Typically my Black Tri/ Bi Males range from ($400-$700)

Black Tri/Bi Females range from ($500-$800)

Blue Eyed Tris (Black/Copper/White and Red/Copper/White) males and females are very rare and because of that they are more expensive. If you want to ever breed your dogs and register the puppies you can't go wrong with a BET  ($900-$1500).

I will take $200 off a puppy that is going to be a pet only, but that also means that the new owner will not receive the registration papers.

All of these puppies have received their first and second shots with wormer and have had their dewclaws removed.

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are. My prices are slightly  negotiable if the home is right.



This little black tri female is the smallest one of the litter and has a natural bob tail. This is very rare for Aussies! She will definitely be a Toy Aussie!!

She has quite a bit of white in her face along with a lot of copper on her face and legs. She is a very energetic little spitfire of a pup who definitely doesn't realize she is the smallest one of the bunch.  


SOLD Congrats  Styles Family!!!


Dolly is a normal sized female Minnie Aussie with a lot of white in her face along with copper stockings. She is by far the most loveable and cuddly pup of the litter. She will make a great family pet.




This little Black Tri Female is very uniquely marked. Half of her face is white while the other half is black with a BLUE eye!! I have never seen an Aussie marked like this before. She has four white socks along with copper accents and  is also going to be a Toy Aussie in size: 12-14 inches, 15-20 lbs.

This little girl's personality is just like her face she can either be wild and playful or very calm and loving, just depends on her mood. She will be a great addition to any family.




If you ever want to breed Toy/Minnie Aussies this is your girl. She has perfect conformation, high white socks, lots of copper accents, partial collar, large amount of white in her face and she has a BLUE EYE!!   She is also going to be a Toy/Smaller Minnie size at around 13-15 in 20-25 lbs. This little girl is very independent, yet whenever I step out in the yard she is the first to run up to me. She is the perfect balance of being loyal and not needy. If I could I would definitely keep this little girl!  




This little black tri male is going to be right at a true Minnie Aussie size (14-17 in / 25-30 lbs). He has some white in his face along with small white socks. But what he lacks in white he makes up for in copper accents. He is naturally more on the shyer side but will play hard if he is with the rest of the pups. He is such a sweet and loveable guy!





This Black Tri Male has a ton of white in his face along with a full collar, copper accents, and a BLUE EYE! HE is going to be a more stout Minnie Aussie 15-17 in. 25-35 lbs. What he lacks in height he makes up for with his stocky stature and muscles.  But don't let all the muscles fool you, he is one of the more loveable and cuddly pups. He will make someone a great dog!