Reba and Goose's Litter

All of these little ones have found their forever HOMES!!

I do not have any more litters available at this time. 

This year Reba had five beautiful baby boys! Also amazingly enough all of them have  blue eyes except one little guy! They will probably be heavier Minnie Aussies around 16-19 inches tall 20-30 lbs.

They will ready for new homes on July 19!

But I encourage everyone to put down a deposit for your puppy as soon as possible, they go fast!

This is the very reason I got Reba was to produced very rare Blue Eyed Tri Minnie Aussies, and boy has she exceeded my expectations! Reba is not only an amazing mother to her litter, she is also an amazing mother to our other girl (Ellie's) pups and even saved one of them from underneath a house. Reba and Goose always have the most outgoing and energetic pups and this litter is no exception. Since they were all boys I decided to name them after my favorite Western Tombstone.


Typically my Black Tri/ Bi Males range from ($400-$700)

Black Tri/Bi Females range from ($500-$800)

Blue Eyed Tris (Black/Copper/White and Red/Copper/White) males and females are very rare and because of that they are more expensive. If you want to ever breed your dogs and register the puppies you can't go wrong with a BET  ($900-$1500).

Blue or Red  Merle Males range from ($600-$900)

Blue or Red  Merle Females range from ($700-$1000)

I will take $200 off a puppy that is going to be a pet only, but that also means that the new owner will not receive the registration papers.

All of these puppies have received their first and second shots with wormer and have had their dewclaws removed.

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are. My prices are slightly  negotiable if the home is right.

 Doc Holiday

Black Tri with TWO BLUE EYES!

If you ever want to have puppies of your own and you love black tris and blue merles then this is your man. His conformation is impeccable and he is such a little spitfire! He has a lot of white in his face,partial collar, lots of Copper on his legs and face with small white socks. Plus he has this one look with those ICE blue eyes that just makes you think he is full of mischief.


SOLD!!! Congrats to the McLauchlin Family!! I know this guy will bring you lots of joy!!

Johnny Ringo 

Blue Merle Male with TWO BLUE EYES

This little guy is marked just like is daddy and he is just as sweet. He has quite a bit of white in his face and a lot of copper on his legs. He is always the first one to come sit in my lap and nibble at my clothes.  This one will definitely be your cuddle buddy.  

$900  (no pet price)

SOLD!!! Congrats to Margus and Heather!! Now Bailey has a nephew to play with!!


Red Tri with One BLUE EYE!!

If you ever want to have puppies of your own and you love red tris and red merles then this is your man. He has a partial collar, symmetrical white in his face and a lot of copper accents. He thinks that he is the king and walks around the yard like nothing can stop him. He is more of an independant pup, but he will still love all over you if you pick him up. His independance made it very difficult to take a decent picture :)




Red Merle with TWO BLUE EYES!!

This is our first red merle in the history of Bond "007" breeding (5 litters). We are very proud of him and have grown very attached. He couldn't be built any more perfect than he already is. He has a perfect head and will be a beautiful light red merle like his grandmother Ellie Mae.  He has grown very attached to me and when he hears my voice he will run to me if he can see me or cry out until I go find him. He is already spoiled rotten.


SOLD!! Congrats Jackson Family!!!

I can't wait to watch this lil guy grow up and become part of the family!


Red TRI with brown eyes.

Virgil may not be a high dollar flashy pup, but he is by far the meekest and most docile pup. if you pick him up he will instantly cuddle up and fall asleep. He has a small white snip on his nose and lots of copper on his legs and chest. He will be the smallest pup of the litter around 15 inches tall.


SOLD!! Congrats Marshall Raines!