Reba and Goose's Litter 

This year Reba had 7 beautiful puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls!! 

The larger pups will probably be larger Minnie Aussies around 16-19 inches tall 25-35 lbs.

They will ready for new homes on July 12!

We have one puppy left!! Zazu is looking for his forever home!!

He will be 10 weeks old July 29. 

Reba and Goose always have the most outgoing and energetic pups and this litter is no exception. As many of you know I tend to name each litter of puppies according to a certain theme. This year we chose the Lion King.


Typically my Black Tri/ Bi Males range from ($400-$700)

Black Tri/Bi Females range from ($500-$800)

Blue Eyed Tris (Black/Copper/White and Red/Copper/White) males and females are very rare and because of that they are more expensive. If you want to ever breed your dogs and register the puppies you can't go wrong with a BET  ($900-$1500).

Blue or Red  Merle Males range from ($600-$1000)

Blue or Red  Merle Females range from ($700-$1200)

I will take $100 off a puppy that is going to be a pet only, but that also means that the new owner will not receive the NSDR registration papers.

All of these puppies will have received their first shots with wormer as well as have had their dewclaws and tails removed.

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are.

Below are pictures of the little guys at 6 weeks, 4 weeks and 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are beginning to get very playful. Be sure to look at the description as to whether or not the puppy has blue eyes, sometimes my camera plays tricks on your eyes. As their personalities develop I will be adding more details and pictures. 


Red Merle Male with 2 ICE blue eyes. He has white in his face and his front legs and lots of copper.

So far he is the most laid back of all the pups. He is very loving and cuddly. I expect him to be a great companion dog. He should mature to be a large mini 17", 35 lbs

$1,000 SOLD Congrats to Kathrine Rodriguez and her family!!


Red Merle Male with 1 blue eye (left) and 1 green eye. His right eye turned green at 5 weeks. He has very tall white socks,  lots of copper, partial collar, and lots of white in his face.

He is a very sweet and loving pup. He is the first one that has started responding to my voice and runs to my feet. He loves to be held and petted. He should mature to be a medium mini 16 " 30 lbs. He would be the perfect male for a show/breed home. 

$1,000   SOLD Congrats to Charvo family!!


Blue Merle Male with 1 blue eye. **Although his right eye is staying pretty blue, he may end up with two blue eyes** He has white socks, lots of copper, and white in his face.

He is currently the most adventurous one of the bunch. He has turned into a little guard dog. He barks at my at my large cattle dog if he gets too close to their pen. 

$900   SOLD Congrats to Mariah and Cody McDonald !!


Black Tri Male with brown eyes. He has white socks, lots of tan copper, and white in his face. He also has the cutest black markings around his mouth that almost looks like lip liner. It makes him look like a little badger. He carries the BET gene.  

He is a very playful pup. He is the first one that has mastered the doggie door to go outside and potty. He is also the first one that has showed interest in toys. This guy will be a great companion. He should mature to be a medium size mini 16-17" 30-35 lbs.  The first family was not prepared nor capable to love and care for him so he has returned to us. He has now had his second puppy shot and is ready for a GREAT home! 

$450   SOLD!!! Congrats Callie Poncik and family !!


Red Merle Female with two ice blue eyes. Fabulous red marking throughout coat, white socks, lots of copper, and white in her face. This pup is my pick of the litter. I would love to see her go to a loving show/breed home.

She is currently the smallest of the litter and should mature around 15", 20 lbs. She is by far the easiest one to photograph. She poses as if to say "Yeah, that's right. I know I am gorgeous." Yet when you hold her she has a very calm and sweet personality. 

$1,200.   SOLD!!! Congrats Vicki Coble and Corie Pickens!!! I'm glad she has already made herself at home!!


Black Tri Female with brown eyes. She has white socks, partial collar, lots of copper, and white in her face. She heavily carries the BET gene. 

She is currently the spunky pup of the bunch, hence why we named her after the hyena. She is the first one to initiate a little ruff housing and playtime among siblings. She should mature to be a larger mini 17-18" 35 lbs.  

$750   SOLD!!! Congrats to Jenna Terrell !! 


Black Dilute Tri Female with brown/green eyes. She has white socks and lots of copper. 
Her slate gray coloring is caused by the dilute gene. She is going to be a gorgeous dog, but due to this gene she is not able to be shown. Therefore, I am pricing her as a pet only.  For more information on this gene you can go to the following

This girl is very rare and unique. I find myself drawn to her and tend to pick her up more than the rest because of her loving personality and her beautiful color.  

She is the second smallest of the litter and should mature to be around 16", 25 lbs. 

$750  SOLD!!! Congrats to David Nguyen !! I know she will be a good model for you!!