Updated 11/9/14: All of these puppies have found great homes!! 

This is Sassy's first litter for us!!

She has 8 beautiful puppies, 4 boys and 4 girls that were born on Aug. 19, 2014!! 

These babies are very uniquely marked Merles, tweed Merles, and minimal white Tris.

These pups will probably be medium Minnie Aussies around 15-17 inches tall 25-35 lbs.

They will ready for new homes on October 12!

WOW did we get some wild and amazing colors. We acquired Sassy for this very reason. She herself is considered a Tweed pattern and has given us 4 little ones that are marked very similar to her!! We are so excited to see all these beautiful colors develop as these little ones grow up. We personally LOVE these colors and how unique each puppy is. However some organizations do not "accept" these wild colors in the show ring. But if you are just looking for a sweet loving pet or potentially a (non show) breeding dog then these guys would be perfect for you. 

Since all of these little guys are so unique to us we decided to use one of our favorite Disney Movies to name them by..... FINDING NEMO!!! 

Deposits are half of the puppies asking price and they are non-refundable. Deposits and final payments are acceptable in the form of cash only. 

 Typical Prices: 

Typically my Black Tri/ Bi Males range from ($400-$700)

Black Tri/Bi Females range from ($500-$800)

Blue Eyed Tris (Black/Copper/White and Red/Copper/White) males and females are very rare and because of that they are more expensive. If you want to ever breed your dogs and register the puppies you can't go wrong with a BET  ($900-$2000).

Blue or Red  Merle Males range from ($600-$1300)

Blue or Red  Merle Females range from ($700-$1500)

I will take $100 off a puppy that is going to be a pet only, but that also means that the new owner will not receive the NSDR registration papers.

All of these puppies will have received their first shots with wormer as well as have had their dewclaws and tails removed. *Bruce, Nemo, & Peach have had their second puppy shot and third dose of wormer*

I also recommend that new owners use Sentinel or any other non-Ivermectin heart worm preventative when their pup is 6 months of age. * See my note at the bottom of the page for more information. 

My ultimate goal is to find these puppies amazing loving homes, where they will become part of the family just as my dogs are.



Red Merle (Tweed) Male with two Amber eyes. He has a lot of dark red/ liver coloring on the bottom half of his body. He has white in his face and his front legs along with lots of copper.

He was the smallest little guy when the pups were born. But don't let that fool you. He will fight the big guys off for the food bowl. He has so much spirit.  

He  loves to be held and cuddled but he will play like crazy if you put him down. 

At 10 weeks old he is 6 lbs. I estimate him to be a large toy/small mini 14-15", 15-25 lbs fully grown. 
*We interrupted their vigorous playing session with aunt Maddie for pictures, hence the tongues. lol*

$1,000 with NSDR papers
$750 pet only

SOLD to Tanner!! CONGRATS!!!

Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge) 


 Black Tri Male with Black Eyes. He is a very unique boy  with a lot of copper on his legs and a little white under his chin, chest and on a few of his feet. He is marked a lot like a Rottweiler. 

So far he is the tubbiest of all the pups and will never miss an opportunity to nurse. He is a very laid back easy going guy. He likes collecting all the toys and laying in the middle of them. He is such a sweet boy!

At 10 weeks old he is 10 lbs. I estimate him to be 16-17", 25-35 lbs fully grown. He is going to have an amazing thick coat!!

$700 with NSDR papers
$450 pet only

SOLD to Tracy!! CONGRATS!!!

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)   


Red Merle (Tweed) Male with two blue eyes. He has a lot of dark red/ liver, light merle, and bright red coloring on his body. All these colors make him a tweed pattern.  He will also have white in his face and on his front legs along with lots of copper.

So far he is very sweet and loves to cuddle with Nemo. He will probably be a small to medium mini 15-16", 25-30 lbs. 

The sun came out right when I was taking his pictures, hence the squinting. But you can still see his bright blue eyes.  

$1,300  SOLD! Congrats to Krista & Timmy!!! 

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge) 


 Red Tri Male with Amber Eyes. He is going to be a very dark liver color with a lot of copper on his legs and a little white on a few of his feet and his chest. He will also have a white snip on his face. 

He has now come out of his shell a little bit and likes to play outside, but he is a cuddler when you pick him up.  

$700    SOLD! Congrats to  Shelby & Johnathon!!!

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)  



Red Tri Female with Amber Eyes.  She is going to be a very bold red color, possibly liver, and will have a lot of copper on her legs. She also has white on her chest. 

She has now become one of the more laid back of all the puppies. She will play when provoked but she is also very stoic and serious. 

$800    Pending Deposit/Pick Up to Stephen Snow. 

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)    

Dori (aka Brisbane)

Blue Merle Female with two Blue Eyes. She is marked like a very typical light blue Merle.  She has a lot of light gray coloring on her body with a few dark spots. She will also have white in her face, a partial collar, and copper on all of her legs. 

So far she is the largest pup. She is also the most outgoing and playful of the bunch. She is the first one to greet me when I walk up. 


SOLD! Congrats to  Steve and Tamara Gunn!!! 

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)    

Flo (aka Willow)

Blue Merle (Tweed) Female with one Blue Eye. This girl along with her sister Deb are so wildly marked!! I can't seem to look at them enough. She has a lot of black coloring on her body along with light gray merling and  charcoal coloring. All these distinct colors make her a tweed pattern. She will also have white in her face, and lots of copper and white on all of her legs. 

She has become a very playful little girl. She is always Dori's (Brisibi's) sidekick in all the mischief. 


 SOLD! Congrats to  Corie Pickens and family!!!

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)    


Blue Merle (Tweed) Female with two Blue Eyes. This girl along with her sister Flo are so wildly marked!! I can't seem to look at them enough. She has a lot of black coloring on her body along with light gray merling and  charcoal coloring. All these distinct colors make her a tweed pattern. She will also have white in her face, and lots of copper on all of her legs. 

If you are wanting to turn heads and own a very unique Aussie either her or her sister Flo would be a great choice. I can tell them apart by the black patch above their eyes, Flo's is above the right eye and Deb's is above the left. 

Deb is starting to come out of her shell and become more playful. She is very easy to photograph, it's like she knows that she is gorgeous!

$1,500 SOLD! Congrats to  Mark & Gayle Cougar!!!

 Younger Pictures (Click individual picture to enlarge)    

Color Information 

(The information below is what I have come to understand and believe. The subject of Harlequins and Tweeds seems to cause much debate among Aussie people)

Harlequin VS Tweed


For most of us, genetics can seem downright confusing; even when researching fairly simple combinations such as the genes influencing coat and eye color.  In Lisa McDonald's A FIELD GUIDE TO COLORATION OF AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS, she provides information and photographs on nearly every known variation of Australian Shepherd color, as well as the genes believed to create each pattern.  Better yet, she has managed to genetics!  

On the topic of Harlequin Merles, she states the gene creating this pattern is a "dominant modifier of the merle pattern".  In other words, a "Harlequin Merle" is simply a beautiful and unusual variation of the more common Merle color pattern. 

When a Merle Aussie possesses the Harlequin gene, the already uniquely beautiful Merle coat pattern becomes even more "exciting".  For instance, a typical Blue Merle would have a base coat of "blue" with black patches scattered throughout, while a typical Red Merle would have a pretty "sugar and spice" base coat with darker red patches.  In the case of a Harlequin Merle, the base coat color is muted; the depigmented areas appearing very pale, possibly even white.  In both the Blue and Red Merles, the darker Merle patches are also affected; a Blue Harlequin Merle may have Merle patches ranging from the typical black, to charcoal gray, to lighter grays, to silver - some with warm reddish tones.  A Red Harlequin Merle may have several distinct variations of red, ranging from dark liver to medium red, to a lighter red, to a pale buff. 

Though knowledgeable fanciers recognize the Harlequin Merle as a legitimate color variation, and a true Australian Shepherd, this pattern is not an "accepted" color variation in most show venues. As Lisa McDonald discusses, a controversy arises when we study the breed standard, which states: "...all colors strong, clear and rich...", she  continues with "In harlequins the different colors are quite distinct and do not muddy each other. The fuel for the controversy is that a very few harlequins have small lacy white areas on the body where the patch is depigmented completely. Some interpret this as a white body splash, a disqualifying fault in the Aussie. Others recognize that this is neither a piebald body splash nor the body splash indicative of a homozygous merle, but a byproduct of this type of modification of the merling action. In some harlequins the light areas fill in with pigment as the puppy matures, and in some they remain constant." 


Another interesting coat pattern, seemingly related to the Harlequin gene, is called "Tweed".  It is very similar to that a Harlequin Merle in the way it affects the Merle coloration, but test breedings would be needed to know for sure if this is just a variation of the same gene or a different one altogether. The pattern itself seems to be more "evenly distributed" in a distinct pattern and there are very minimal if any areas on the body that appear white.   For a more complete understanding of the Harlequin, please review Lisa McDonald's Coloration guide.

Either way, there is no doubt that the Harlequin or Tweed Merle is a beautiful animal who will turn heads everywhere he or she goes...

Heart Worm Information  

Aussies like many other herding breeds are prone to the MDR1 gene (multi drug resistance gene). This gene causes them to have Ivermectin Sensitivity. Some Australian Shepherds and Mini Aussies are highly sensitive to Ivermectin, available both as a single worming treatment and in a lower dosage as a heartworm preventive under the brand name Heartguard. Ivermectin affects the central nervous system in individuals to which it is toxic. Symptoms of vermectin toxicity include depression, excitability, seizures, loss of muscle control, drooling, coma or even death.

I have been told to never prescribe Ivermectin to Mini Aussies, because they are more prone to the gene. Supposedly 50 % of Mini's will have it. 

Interceptor is a non-Ivermectin based heartworm treatment safer for most Mini Aussies. Sentinel combines Interceptor and Program (flea preventative) into one pill.
All of our dogs are on Sentinel. 

If your vet prefers to use Heartguard then I strongly suggest that you get your puppy MDR1 tested. Here is a link with further information about the gene.http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/depts-vcpl/

We are currently in the process of testing all of our age appropriate adults for many health screenings. We strive to produce not only beautiful but healthy Mini Aussies!!!